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PT Naga Sakti Samudra, is Logistic Corporation, is an Indonesian company focused on transportation, logistic and export services based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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Layanan Cabang 18 Office Park, 21 floor Unit C, jalan TB Simatupang , Jakarta Selatan Rukan Boston, PIK 2, Jalan Fatmawati, RBRH 3, Tangerang, Banten

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Our Vision

Shaping the global logistics future with efficient, sustainable, and positively impactful delivery. Connecting the world through reliability, innovation, and excellence in goods and services delivery.

Our Mission

Providing superior logistics, transportation, and export solutions with a commitment to safety, efficiency, and top-tier customer service, creating a positive impact on the global business and environment

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For Shipping : (+62 )813-6541-0713

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We provide transportation, logistics, and export services

Your trusted partner for transportation, logistics, and export services, ensuring seamless solutions for your business needs and global reach.

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Our regular and standard shipping options assure dependable and cost-effective deliveries, catering to your diverse logistics, export, and transportation requirements.

Trust in our standard shipping service for a balanced blend of reliability, affordability, and timely deliveries, meeting your shipping needs seamlessly

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